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New Approaches in Cell and Gene Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease

An array of exciting new cell- and gene-based approaches are being developed for therapeutic discovery and potential treatment of heart and blood vessel diseases. This session will profile four examples of such emerging technologies: 1) gene editing to correct vascular smooth muscle dysfunction, 2) gene therapy to enhance the contractility of failing hearts, 3) gene therapy to promote myocardial regeneration via reactivation of cardiomyocyte proliferation, and 4) viral vectors engineered to enable selective targeting of specific (e.g., cerebral) blood vessel types.

Session Details


Jeffrey L.. Ellsworth, PhD. Stellar Research and Development, LLC, MA


Michael A. Laflamme, MD, PhD. McEwen Stem Cell Institute, University Health Network, University of T...

Correction of Multisystem Smooth Muscle Dysfunction Syndrome in a Mouse Model via Base Editing

Mark E. Lindsay, MD, PhD. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

Developing the DWORF microprotein as a gene therapy target for heart failure

Catherine Makarewich, PhD. Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, OH

Cell Cycle Reactivation in Cardiomyocytes

Mauro Giacca, PhD, MD. King's College London, United Kingdom

Engineering AAVs to Target and Cross the Brain Vasculature

Benjamin E.. Deverman, PhD. Broad Institute, Cambridge, MA

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