Patient Advocates
Patient advocates, caregivers, and individuals with rare diseases are eligible for complimentary registration.

ASGCT is committed to communicating scientific discoveries and clinical applications to patient communities and the public.

We recognize the critical role patient advocacy organizations and foundations play in developing treatments and helping those with a disease or disorder navigate the process of receiving gene and cell therapies. With that in mind, ASGCT offers complimentary registration to members of certain groups in hopes of cultivating meaningful discussion, knowledge sharing, and relationships between the patient advocate audience and the clinician/researcher audience. 

Information about patient advocate registration for the 27th Annual Meeting is coming soon. Join us May 7-11, 2024, in Baltimore, MD. If you have questions, please contact ASGCT's Patient Outreach Manager at

Criteria for approval

This opportunity is designed to expand access to the content and networking opportunities delivered at the Annual Meeting for non-profit organization representatives and patient advocates. To register under this category, you must be:

  • An individual with a rare disease

  • A caregiver for a person with a disease amendable by gene or cell therapy

  • A volunteer or employee of a non-profit or disease-specific foundation

Those who fall within this category must also display a level of engagement in patient advocacy activities, including:

  • Legislative or advocacy efforts

  • Support, education, or services provided to individuals affected by rare and/or genetic diseases

  • Demonstration of a mission related to research and development for a rare and/or genetic disease

*ASGCT has discretion over the approval of applicants beyond the eligibility criteria. This opportunity is not intended for medical or scientific research professionals or people from academic institutions, other professional societies, industry corporations, or governmental entities.   

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