Here are answers to some of your common abstract questions.

Abstract FAQs

When should I hang my poster?

You can hang your poster any time after the Exhibit Hall opens (9:45 a.m. PT) on the day of your presentation.

If I ordered through Genigraphics, how do I get my poster?

If you purchased the hanging option, posters will be hung for you by Genigraphics the morning of your presentation. If you ordered for pickup, you can stop by the Genigraphics booth located in the Exhibit Hall.

What should the dimensions of my poster be?

Posters will be hung on 8’ wide by 4’ tall poster boards. Your poster should be no larger than 6’ wide and 3' tall. Examples can be found here.

I was selected for an oral presentation, can I still hang a poster?

No, each abstract presenter is offered either an oral or poster presentation, and you may not do both. If you wish to forfeit your oral abstract presentation in favor of a poster, please let us know by emailing us at abstracts@asgct.org.

Can I update the author listing of my abstract?

You may, but please understand that these changes may not be reflected in the abstract publication, which is already in development. The author listing can be updated at any time, and those changes will be reflected in the online program as well as the ePoster site.

I cancelled my registration, is my abstract withdrawn?

No, you will need to email abstracts@asgct.org to formally withdraw your abstract.


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