Abstract Topics
You can present research in the following categories at the Annual Meeting

2024 Topics

When submitting an abstract, authors will select one first choice topic and one second choice topic from the list below that best describes their abstract:

A1 – Viral Vectors (excluding AAV – including RNA, adenovirus, herpesvirus, bocavirus, and chimetics) 
A2 – AAV Vectors – Virology and Vectorology
A3 – AAV Vectors – Capsid Engineering
A4 – AAV Vectors – Preclinical and Proof-of-Concept In Vivo Studies (Excluding Non-Human Primates)
A5 – AAV Vectors – Non-Human Primates and Large Animal Models
A6 – AAV Vectors – Product Development Manufacturing and Approval Considerations
A7 – AAV Vectors – Immune Modulation

B1 – Metabolic Diseases (including Diabetes) 
B2 – Liver Genetic Diseases (including Hemophilia) 
B3 – Lysosomal Storage Diseases 
B4 – Heart, Lung, and Kidney Diseases 

B5 – Neurologic Diseases (Excluding Ophthalmic and Auditory Diseases) 
B6 – Ophthalmic and Auditory Diseases 
B7 – Musculo-skeletal Diseases 
B8 – Genetic Disorders of the Blood and Immune System (Including hemoglobinopathies, hematopoietic lineages, and inherited immune deficiencies such as ADA, X-SCID, and WAS, etc.) 

C1 – Base Editing and Prime Editing 
C2 – Epigenetic Editing and RNA Editing 
C3 – Gene Disruption and Excision 

C4 – Targeted Gene Insertion (integrase mediated insertion -targeted or safe harbor) 
C5 – On- and Off-Target Method Development 
C6 – Gene Targeting and Gene Correction New Technologies 
(Gene targeting projects focused on specific disease applications are strongly encouraged to submit abstracts to the suitable tissue/disease related category) 
D – Oligonucleotide Therapeutics (including siRNAs, aptamers, antagomirs, miRNAs, shRNA, antisense, and splice switching oligos, plasmids) 
E1 – Nonviral therapeutic Gene Delivery and Synthetic/Molecular Conjugates  
E2 – Other Nonviral Delivery (including lipid nanoparticles and exosomes) 

F1 – Cancer – Immunotherapy, Cancer Vaccines 
F2 – Cancer – Oncolytic Viruses 
F3 – Cancer – Targeted Gene and Cell Therapy 

G1 – Challenges in Immunological Responses to Therapeutic Interventions (Includes host responses, therapy/prevention of infectious diseases, nucleic acid therapy, RNA-based Therapies; excludes cancer immunotherapy and cancer vaccines) 
G2 – Immune Targeting and Approaches with Genetically-Modified Cells and Cell Therapies (Including CAR-T, CAR-NK, TCR editing) 

H1 – Other Cellular and Regenerative Therapies (including Cell and Tissue Transplantation) 
H2 – In-Vivo Therapy Approaches 

I1 – Vector Product Engineering, Development and Manufacturing (excluding AAV) 
I2 – Cell Therapy Product Engineering, Development and Manufacturing 
I3 – Pharmacology/Toxicology Studies and Analytics/Assay Development 

I4 – Molecular and Cellular Methods (Including assess vector integration, genome integrity, and outcomes) 
I5 – Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (excluding Vector & Cell Therapy) 

J1 – Gene Therapy Trials – In-Vivo Modification 
J2 – Cell Therapy and Cell-Based Gene Therapy Trials


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