Choose from these abstract topics


When submitting an abstract, authors will select one first choice topic and one second choice topic from the list below that best describes their abstract:

A1 – RNA Virus Vectors
A2 – AAV Vectors – Virology and Vectorology
A3 – AAV Vectors – Preclinical and Proof-of-Concept Studies
A4 – AAV Vectors – Clinical Studies

B – Gene Targeting and Gene Correction (Basic development of novel technologies for genome editing, with or without site-specific endonuclease. Gene targeting projects focused on specific disease applications are strongly encouraged to submit abstracts to the suitable tissue/disease related category.)
C – Oligonucleotide Therapeutics (siRNAs, aptamers, antagomirs, miRNAs, shRNA, antisense, and splice switching oligos, plasmids)
D – Synthetic/Molecular Conjugates and Physical Methods for Delivery of Gene Therapeutics (Including exosomes)
E1 – Metabolic, Storage, Endocrine, Liver and Gastrointestinal Diseases
E2 – Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases
E3 – Neurologic Diseases 
E4 – Ophthalmic and Auditory Diseases
E5 – Musculo-skeletal Diseases
E6 – 
Cancer – Immunotherapy, Cancer Vaccines
E7 – Cancer – Oncolytic Viruses
E8 – Cancer – Targeted Gene and Cell Therapy
E9 – Hematologic and Immunologic Diseases

F – Immunological Aspects of Gene Therapy and Vaccines (Includes host responses, therapy/prevention of infectious diseases; excludes cancer immunotherapy and cancer vaccines)
G – Cell Therapies (Includes development of somatic, embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells or other therapeutic cell populations, and issues related to cell expansion or processing)
H1 – Vector Product Engineering, Development, or Manufacturing
H2 – Cell Therapy Product Engineering, Development, and Manufacturing
H3 – Pharmacology/Toxicology Studies or Assay Development
I – Gene & Cell Therapy Trials in Progress

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