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CAR T-cell Therapies

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184: Innovative Applications of CAR T-Cell Therapy in Organ Transplant Patients

185: Discovering Novel Transcriptional Regulators of T Cell Exhaustion for Epigenetic Reversal of T Cell Dysfunction

186: T-Cell Epigenetic Reprogramming with TGIF2LX-Overexpression Enhances Adoptive Cell Therapy

187: Identification of Exhaustion-Associated Genes by Non Viral Editing of Human CD8+ T Cells

188: CRISPR Engineering of Armoured CAR T Cells Enables Tumour-Restricted Payload Delivery with Enhanced Safety and Efficacy

189: Preclinical Specificity and Potency Evaluation of a Novel CD19-Specific KIR-CAR T Cell Therapy (SynKIR-310)

190: In Vivo Generation of αCD19-CAR T Cells Using a Novel LV-based Platform Successfully Clears Advanced NALM-6 Tumor without Noticeable Toxicity

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