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ASGCT offers many options and price points for your company to gain exposure and reach attendees. To take advantage of one of these sponsorship opportunities, contact ASGCT Executive Director David Barrett at (414) 278-1341.

21st Annual Meeting

Tools and Technologies Forum—SOLD OUT

ASGCT will host a Tools and Technologies Forum on Thursday and Friday evenings during the Networking Receptions in the Exhibit Hall. This forum provides exhibitors the opportunity to make a presentation of up to 15 minutes on their products, services, tools, and technologies in the ASGCT Presentation Area. The cost to participate is $500.

Sponsored Symposia—$15,000       ONLY 2 LEFT

Industry-supported educational sessions will be held over the lunch and dinner hours throughout the Annual Meeting.  This is your only opportunity to plan and host a session open to attendees. Your session will be featured in the Annual Meeting program guide as well as in the mobile app. ASGCT will provide the room, basic audio visual set-up, and signage. Any catering or advanced technical support is the responsibility of the sponsor. A limited number of sessions are available. The cost to host a Sponsored Symposia is $15,000.

A Night at the Museum—$25,000

The closing night reception has quickly become the social highlight of the Annual Meeting.  Continuing this tradition in 2018, ASGCT will hold its reception in the Field Museum – Chicago’s premier natural history institution and home to one of the greatest dinosaur collections in the world, including Sue, the world’s largest, best-preserved, and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex. Partner with ASGCT to provide 1,000 attendees with food, drinks, music, and access to the collections of the Field Museum. The cost to sponsor the event is $25,000 and includes signage, lighting, and options to customize your exposure.

A Night at the Museum Transportation—$15,000

Also available is branding of bus and trolley service between the hotel and the Field Museum for a cost of $15,000.

Trainee Lounge Education Sessions—SOLD OUT

The Trainee Lounge is expanding and bringing useful content directly to the next generation of gene and cell therapy researchers. These hour-long sessions, which will include a complimentary breakfast or lunch each day, will cover topics including grant writing, career advancement, and managing IP to name a few. Your support will be recognized in the Annual Meeting program and in signage during the presentation. The cost to support a breakfast session is $2,000 and a lunch session is $4,000.

Branding Opportunities

ASGCT offers dozens of opportunities for you to partner and put your signature on the premier gene and cell therapy meeting of 2018. More information about these and other branding and sponsorship opportunities are available at

Conference-wide WiFi—SOLD OUT

Live-Streaming Sessions—SOLD OUT

ASGCT will live-stream educational and scientific sessions to attendees on site, reducing overflow and increasing access. Your company logo will appear on the hub site and in all instructional messages.

Registration BagsSOLD OUT

Hotel Key Cards—$15,000


Final Program Guide—SOLD OUT

Mobile Meeting App—SOLD OUT

Water Bottles—SOLD OUT

Lanyards—SOLD OUT

Notepads—SOLD OUT

Twitter Wall—$10,000 each

Registration Kiosks—SOLD OUT

Escalator Clings—$10,000

Hand Sanitizer—$10,000

Official Meeting Pens—SOLD OUT

Registration Bag Inserts—$2,000 each

Email Banner Ad—SOLD OUT

Each day of the Annual Meeting, attendees will receive an email featuring the day’s schedule of events along with pertinent updates and a banner ad featuring your logo.

Column Wrap—SOLD OUT

Show your support by wrapping columns in the Exhibit and Poster Hall and other common areas with your company logo.

Door Drops—$3,000 each

Coffee Break—$2,500 each

Exhibit Hall Reception—$5,000 each

Lounge Table Tops—$500 each       NEW FOR 2018

The space within the Hilton Chicago offers a unique opportunity for congregating and relaxing throughout the day. Tables will feature your custom table pad.

Lounge Seating—$500 each       NEW FOR 2018

To help attendees unwind, ASGCT will provide several seating options attributed to your company and featuring your name and logo.

Charging Station—$5,000 each       NEW FOR 2018

Several device charging stations will be positioned throughout the Exhibit and Poster Hall and feature your company logo.

Awards and Special Sessions

ASGCT also offers several opportunities to directly support awards and programs. Your support is recognized in signage, on the web site, and on leader slides for each presentation.

Presidential Symposium—SOLD OUT

Outstanding Achievement Award—SOLD OUT

Outstanding New Investigator Award—SOLD OUT

Excellence in Research Award—SOLD OUT

Travel Grants—$500 each

Minority Travel Grants—$500 each

Mentoring and Reconnection Event—SOLD OUT

New Member Reception—SOLD OUT

Pre-Meeting Workshops

In 2018, ASGCT will hold three workshops on Tuesday May 15 immediately prior to the Annual Meeting. These sessions will be held in the Hilton Chicago attracting upwards of 750 attendees. Your sponsorship will be recognized in signage, in all printed syllabi, on the web site, and on leader-slides throughout the day.

Commercialization Workshop—$15,000

ASGCT’s most popular workshop attracting hundreds of attendees seeking information on the regulatory hurdles and strategies for moving therapeutic products to market. This is a full day workshop. 

Gene Editing Workshop—$15,000       NEW FOR 2018

This all new workshop will focus on gene editing techniques, advances, and future trends. This is a full day workshop. 

Cell Therapy Workshop—$15,000       NEW FOR 2018

On the cusp of dramatic advances in cell therapy for the treatment of cancer, this workshop will provide essential information on cell collection and processing techniques as well as the immune responses to such cell therapies. This is a half-day workshop. 


Dates to Remember

November 1, 2017
Abstract Submissions Open
Housing Block Opens

December 1, 2017

Registration Opens

February 2
Abstract Submissions Close

April 25
Early Registration Closes
Housing Block Closes

April 30
Abstracts Go Live Online

May 15
Pre-Meeting Workshops

May 16-19
ASGCT's 21st Annual Meeting

Support Opportunities

Sponsorship positions are moving fast. Sign on now to sponsor part of the 2018 annual meeting!

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