Five-Minute Thesis Challenge
Submit a video about your research for a chance to speak at a symposium.

Present your scientific ideas in five minutes

Submit through Feb. 16, 2024!

The Five-Minute Thesis Challenge, sponsored by the Trainee Committee, is intended to encourage trainees, new investigators, and post-docs to highlight their work. 

Submission Guidelines

Abstract/summary: Participants should submit a short summary of their thesis outlining the research's main points, significance, and results. Length should be 200-300 words.

Video presentation: Submit a video of the five-minute presentation. This can be a simple, unedited video that shows your presentation skills and ability to convey your research within the time limit.

Visual aids: These should enhance the presentation and not be overly complex or text heavy.

Submit your Five-Minute Thesis video through Feb. 16 to Education Support Specialist Jen Bremer.

Submit your video

Presentation tips

Assessment Criteria

Comprehension and content: Are the topic and its significance clearly outlined? Does the presentation clearly and accurately describe the methodology, results, and implications? 

Engagement and communication: Does the presenter capture and maintain the audience's attention? Is the thesis topic communicated with enthusiasm and confidence? Does the presenter make eye contact and have a steady, clear voice? Are technical terms and jargon adequately explained?

Structure and timing: Is the presentation well-structured, following a clear and logical sequence? Does the presenter effectively use their five minutes without rushing or leaving too much empty space?

Visual aids: Are visual aids used effectively to support the presentation? Do they complement the speech instead of overwhelming the audience or distracting from it?

Creativity: Does the presenter use a unique approach or creative concepts to explain their research? This could be through storytelling, analogies, examples, or any other creative communication strategy.

Impact: Does the presenter articulate the importance and impact of their research? Do they leave the audience with a strong understanding of the research's relevance and potential applications?

Have questions? Contact Education Support Specialist Jen Bremer.

Want To Learn How To Make the Best Video Possible?

We held a Five-Minute Thesis learning session in Dec. 2022 to prepare you for the challenge. The recording is now available to all ASGCT members and event registrants.

Watch on demand

Congratulations to Our 2023 Finalists!

  • Sergi Verd├ęs

  • Sandhya Sharma

  • John S. Riley, MDMS

Learn more about them on our blog.

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