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Intersection Between Genetic Therapy and Society - Nothing About Us Without Us (Organized by the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee)

The inherent promise of gene and cell therapies comes from the focus on addressing underlying disease biology rather than treatment of symptoms. Genetics is the foundation of this biological dogma and the key to understanding our biological diversity. Nevertheless, more than 80% of known human genomes are from individuals of European descent. This overrepresentation of European groups in genomic databases contributes to disparities in healthcare since genomics data is 4-5 times more accurate in predictinghealthcare outcomes for people with European ancestry vs. people with African ancestry and also has skewed therapeutic development. This symposium will highlight initiatives to understand the true diversity of human genetics and resulting disease biology. While this understanding is imperative to improving health outcomes and informing design and development of gene and cell therapies, it is equally important to understand how this genetic diversity intersects with society in ways that could be harmful, such as discrimination. This symposium will also discuss approaches to handle and care for genetic diversity to avoid inequity and exclusion.

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