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Off the Shelf Cell Therapies - Beyond T Cells (Organized by the Education Committee)

Chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR-T) cell therapy achieved extraordinary results in antitumor treatments, especially against hematological malignancies, where it leads to remarkable, long-term antineoplastic effects with higher target specificity. Nevertheless, some limitations persist in autologous CAR-T cell therapy, such as high costs, long manufacturing periods, and restricted cell sources. The development of universal CAR-T cell therapies are an attractive possible breakthrough that may overcome most of these drawbacks. Most CAR-T cells are derived from T cells isolated from PBMCs. However, other types of cells are also being developed that may have unique advantages in the process of universalizing the cell therapy, as a supplement or substitutions of UCAR-T cell therapy. The development of clinically viable iPSCs that can be differentiated into CAR T, CAR NK cells and other various cell types is opening the door to many new possible therapies that are just beginning to be explored. This session will focus on the development of a variety of new therapies in development including manufacturing of universal red blood cells and other immune effector cells, many from engineered iPSCs.

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