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The Ethical Gray Zone? Perspectives on the Development and Governance of Gene and Cell Therapies for Human Enhancement (Organized by the Ethics Committee)

Public and professional policy discussions of human genetic modification have traditionally drawn a line at going beyond the treatment of serious disease to attempt to improve on normal human traits within particular social contexts, either on social justice grounds or because it would distort important cultural understandings of what it means to be human. The current wave of reports addressing human genome editing concur with this stance, even while they acknowledge the theoretical difficulties of defining that line clearly in specific cases, given the complex interplay of human values involved. How should society and the scientific community think about such projects, given their health-related goals and social contexts? Most reports only take the first step in exploring this question, by emphasizing the need for broad and inclusive public dialogue. The goal of this symposium is to begin to articulate the range of considerations that such a dialogue should address, towards the development of a responsible governance framework for this research frontier.

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