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Wednesday Posters: Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls

Session Details

910: A Realtime PCR Assay for CHO Host Cell DNA Detection for Bioprocess QC

912: Advancing Quality Control for CRISPR-Cas9 Systems: Separation of CRISPR Components Using Ion Exchange Chromatography

905: Regulatory Agility: Value of CDMOs Utilizing Platform Technology

909: HAA-Based Ion Pair Reversed Phase HPLC Method for More Accurate gRNA Purity Test

911: Digital PCR Applications for Cell and Gene Therapy - High-Quality Detection of Mycoplasma Contamination

908: The Impact of Joint Auditing with Cell & Gene Therapy

913: A Novel Network of Cell Processing and Cryopreservation Hubs Addressing Critical Gaps in Clinical Sample Processing Capabilities for Pharmaceutical Companies and Clinical Trial Sponsors

906: A Change is Gonna Come - Managing Process Changes Through the Product Lifecycle for ATMPs

907: Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail: Risk Assessment for an Early-Stage Autologous Product to Identify and Mitigate Process Hazards

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