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Detailed Program

Development of a Lentiviral Vector-mediated B-cell Gene Therapy Platform for the Delivery of the Anti-HIV eCD4-Ig Immunoadhesin

Eirini Vamva{1}, Stosh Ozog{2}, Dan Leaman{1}, Rene Cheng{3}, Nicholas Irons{4}, Andee Ott{3}, Geraldine Goebrecht{1}, Matthew Gardner{5}, Michael Farzan{5}, David Rawlings{3}, Michael Zwick{1}, Richard James{3}, Bruce Torbett{1} {1}Scripps Research Institute, San Diego, CA,{2}Seattle Childrens Hospital, Seattle, WA,{3}Seattle Childrens Research Institute, Seattle, WA,{4}University of Washington, Seattle, WA,{5}Scripps Research Institute, Jupiter, FL

Disclosures: E. Vamva: None.

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