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Health and Safety FAQs

Will everyone at the meeting be fully vaccinated? 

In addition to all attendees, all ASGCT staff working at the meeting will be fully vaccinated; however, ASGCT is not legally able to require local convention center staff to be vaccinated. ASGCT will work with entities in Los Angeles, CA, to develop on-site protocols in accordance with CDC guidelines. 

What does ASGCT mean by "fully vaccinated?"

The safety of meeting attendees is ASGCT’s top priority and we believe the most effective way to ensure that safety is for everyone to be vaccinated against COVID-19.  

We define “fully vaccinated” to be: 

  • At least 14 days past the final administration of the second dose in a two-dose series (i.e. Pfizer or Moderna vaccines), 

  • At least 14 days past a single-dose administration (i.e. Johnson & Johnson vaccine) 

ASGCT will accept a full course of immunization with any vaccine that has been authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO) or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The product may be either fully authorized or authorized under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) or equivalent at the time of travel (see list of eligible vaccines). Vaccination with an agent that is not included on the WHO or FDA website as authorized will not be accepted.  

See List of Eligible Vaccines

Booster shots are not required but are recommended for any eligible communities. For those unable to travel or meet the vaccination requirement, ASGCT is offering a virtual registration option.  

Can I still attend on-site if I'm arriving from outside the United States? 

International attendees should always check current travel restrictions to the U.S. on the  CDC website  before planning travel arrangements. In addition, please monitor regulations in your home country to ensure that you will be able to return from the U.S. Letters of invitation are available here.

Does ASGCT require proof of a negative COVID test prior to arrival? 

No, advance testing is not required as all attendees must be fully vaccinated. However, if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms you must refrain from attending in-person. 

What happens if I test positive while on site? 

Attendees who test positive for COVID-19, must follow CDC guidance on quarantine and isolation. They will not be allowed to attend sessions in person, although they will still have access to the virtual platform. Please notify meetings@asgct.org if you test positive while in person at the meeting. Please note that ASGCT will not share your personal information if you notify us that you have tested positive. 

Is there a contact tracing system that will notify attendees of potential COVID-19 exposure? 

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to contact trace potential exposure. ASGCT will, however, make aggregate data available to attendees via the health and safety section of this site about the number of positive cases reported at the meeting on a daily basis so they can make informed decisions about their participation. The identity of individuals who test positive will be kept confidential. If you test positive for COVID-19 please email meetings@asgct.org so that we can track positive cases. 

What if I am not vaccinated? 

You can still participate in the Annual Meeting by registering for the virtual option

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